Benefits of Partnering with an Authorised Service Provider for Microsoft Surface Devices

Benefits of Partnering with an Authorised Service Provider for Microsoft Surface Devices

Winthrop Australia is now an Authorised Service Provider for Microsoft Surface Devices

We are thrilled to announce that Winthrop Australia has achieved a significant milestone by becoming a Microsoft Surface Authorised Service Provider. This accreditation not only reflects our commitment to delivering top-notch technical support for Microsoft Surface devices but also aligns seamlessly with Microsoft’s visionary sustainability goals.

Read on to find out the numerous advantages of choosing an Authorised Service Provider and how it contributes to a more sustainable and innovative future.

Streamlined Device Support, Repair and Warranty Services

Our journey as an Authorised Service Provider means seamless and efficient services for your Microsoft Surface devices. From troubleshooting to repairs and system updates, Winthrop is your dedicated partner, ensuring a hassle-free experience at every step.

Extending Surface Device Lifespan

Beyond the standard services, Winthrop goes the extra mile in prolonging the lifespan of your Surface devices. Our expert technicians are equipped to handle repairs that not only restore functionality but also contribute to the device’s overall longevity. Choosing Winthrop means choosing a partner invested in the sustainability of your technology.

Microsoft Models We Repair

  • Laptop Studio
  • Laptop 3, 4 & 5 – 13″&15″
  • Pro X
  • Pro 7,7+, 8 & 9
  • Go 2 & 3
  • Laptop Go & Go 2
  • Laptop SE
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Microsoft’s Vision for Sustainability

Our partnership with Microsoft is not just about technical support; it resonates deeply with Microsoft’s visionary sustainability goals. By choosing Winthrop, you’re also supporting Microsoft’s commitment to being carbon negative, achieving zero waste, and maintaining water positivity by 2030.

Our partnership supports Microsoft’s ambitious sustainability pillars:

Carbon Negative by 2030

Carbon Negative by 2030

Contributing to a more sustainable future by actively working to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than emitted.

Zero Waste by 2030

Zero Waste by 2030

Operating our service centres and processes in alignment with zero-waste principles, reducing waste through innovative reuse, recycling, or composting.

Water Positive by 2030

Water Positive by 2030

Striving for efficiency to reduce water waste and contribute to Microsoft’s commitment to replenish more water than it consumes.

Microsoft’s Surface devices play a crucial role in the company’s commitment to being carbon negative. This commitment spans the entire lifecycle of products, from design to supply chain and software.

Circular By Design

Surface products are designed with a circular economy in mind, minimising waste and extending device lifespan.

Integrity Built In

Products are built with the highest quality and a responsible supply chain, meeting ethical and environmental standards.

Low Carbon Product Design

Significant investments are made to reduce the carbon intensity of Surface devices, using recycled materials and improving circuit boards.

More Sustainable Packaging

Surface packaging aims for zero single-use plastics, 100% recyclability by 2030, and meets EPEAT Gold requirements.

End Of Life Recycling/Refurbishing

Harvesting parts from returned devices, remanufacturing them, and selling them as Genuine Microsoft Refurbished Parts.

Reduction of Hazardous Materials

Microsoft ensures worldwide compliance by restricting hazardous substances in devices, maintaining responsible substance management.

What does this mean to our customers?

As an Authorised Service Provider, Winthrop offers a range of unparalleled services:


In-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs

Our expert technicians are equipped to handle any issue your Microsoft Surface device may encounter.


Priority access to genuine Microsoft parts and accessories

Rest assured that your device will receive the highest quality components.


Real-time software support and system updates

Stay up-to-date and enjoy a seamless user experience with our prompt software assistance


Trade-in and recycling services

Join us in making a sustainable choice for the planet by responsibly recycling and repurposing old devices.

Winthrop: Your Green-Tech Partner

Choose Winthrop Australia as your Microsoft Surface Authorised Service Provider for outstanding service, technical expertise, and a commitment to sustainability. This accreditation signifies our dedication to excellence, providing in-warranty repairs, real-time support, and alignment with Microsoft’s eco-friendly objectives.

Contact us now and become part of our journey toward a sustainable and innovative future.

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