Apple Deployment Programs

Device Enrolment

Apple Device Enrolment is a part of the Apple Deployment Programs (ADP), which help businesses and education institutions easily deploy and configure iOS and OS X devices. Device Enrolment provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy organisation-owned iPad and iPhone devices and Mac computers.

Winthrop DEP ID: A36A250

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Wireless setup

Supervision provides a higher level of device management for corporate-owned iOS devices. You can wirelessly enable this mode during setup, allowing additional restrictions such as turning off iMessage or AirDrop. Supervision also gives you additional device configurations and features, such as web content filtering and single-app mode.



Streamlined setup

Apple Device Enrolment makes it even easier to set up users on iPad and iPhone. After devices are linked with your MDM server, users are guided through the activation process with the built-in Setup Assistant. You can streamline the setup even further for your users by specifying that certain screens be skipped during the initial device setup.

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Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager allows IT administrators to manage people, devices and content from one place. Schools can upgrade their existing VPP and DEP accounts to Apple School Manager and access extra features. You can link Apple School Manager to a modern MDM for the ultimate zero touch deployment solution

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Mobile Device Management

With a modern MDM solution like Jamf or Mosyle you can update your fleet using an easy to use dashboard with a click of a button. You can track the location of all of your devices and lock them down if needed. MDM works hand in hand with zero touch deployments. You can track the location of all of your devices and lock them down if needed. MDM works hand in hand with zero touch deployments.

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Zero-touch configuration for IT

Get your users up and running quickly without having to physically touch or prep devices. By automating MDM enrolment for large-scale iOS deployments, your users can immediately set up accounts, configure corporate policies and assign apps over the air.


Streamline distribution

Assign apps and books to users or groups through Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions — giving you complete ownership and control over your content. When apps are no longer needed, they can be reassigned to a different user. Or you can choose to distribute content via redeemable codes, permanently transferring the app or book directly to your users.


Mandatory and lockable MDM enrolment

Your iOS devices can be preconfigured to require automatic enrolment in MDM. This ensures that devices are configured based on your organisation’s requirements, and guarantees that all users get those configurations on their devices. You can also lock users’ devices into MDM for ongoing management.

Education Deployment

The Classroom and Classwork apps work to save instructional time and to give teacher’s valuable insight into each student’s progress.


Classroom allows teachers to create remote classes, view student screens and open specific webpages and PDFs to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Shared iPad lets multiple students use the same iPad in a classroom. When used with Classroom, Shared iPad will assist student log-ins by returning users to the same device they previously used.


Apple TV can be used for sharing and collaboration. It allows iPad and Mac to wirelessly mirror their display to share presentations, websites and videos through your MDM solution. Teachers using the Classroom app can also prompt their students to wirelessly display their device to the Apple TV.

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Integration of iPad and Mac into your existing environment

iPad and Mac can effortlessly take part in any learning environment, whether it be brand-new deployment or adding devices to existing infrastructure. All the apps and services your staff and students need to teach and learn every day, like Google Drive and Microsoft Office, are available on iPad. With Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Google Workspace support, it’s never been easier to make sure your students and staff have access to the Apple services they need.

Our Customer Stories

Winthrop Australia

“Winthrop provides a fast, streamlined system that provides everything our school requires from an MDM. The application is simple and easy to use. Within just a few steps we can issue profiles, apps or documents to multiple users. It allows our teachers to focus on delivering their work and instils confidence that the students have everything they need to learn, on the device in front of them.”


Natalie Sims

Associate Principle

Holy Spirit School – City Beach

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