Technology that works for everyone

Apple products are designed with range of features and resources that enable students of all abilities and backgrounds to engage with technology and learn in new and innovative ways.

Accessibility that gives every learner every opportunity

Apple believes every student has the right to a quality education — an education that’s creative, collaborative, engaging and relevant. And technology can enable and allow all students, with every type of learning style, to explore and open new doors to possibilities.


Apple’s approach to accessibility is different from many other companies. Accessibility is part of the hardware, software and operating system design process so it’s an integral element of the user experience. The breadth and depth of accessibility features have been built to address a wide array of special needs and help students who experience challenges with vision, hearing, motor skills, and learning and literacy.


At Winthrop, we work closely with schools to put the best assistive solutions into the hands of students, teacher and specialists. Our Education team and accessibility specialists will craft the perfect professional development to up skill your team of educators.

Reaching all learners with iPad

iPad is designed with powerful built-in assistive features that can complement each learners’ vision, hearing, motor skills and learning needs.

Winthrop offers tailored Professional Development workshops to enhance the learning of those with special educational needs.

Explore built-in iPad apps and accessibility features that support all learners.



As an industry-leading screen reader, VoiceOver describes exactly what’s happening on a device. In great details it can illustrate people, objects, text, and graphs. VoiceOver will read receipts or labels like a table — by row and column, complete with headers. VoiceOver can also describe a person’s position in relation to objects within images, so you can relive memories in greater detail.



With Zoom, users can magnify the screen of their device to get a picture-in-picture view, allowing them to see the zoomed area in a separate window while keeping the rest of the screen at its original size


Speak Screen and Speak Selection

Users can have all the content onscreen read to them. Or they can highlight only text they want to hear and follow along as the words, sentences, or paragraphs are read aloud

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