Business Continuity

Successful Modern Organisations Require IT Systems That Are Always On, Ensuring Key Business Functions Can Continue No Matter What The Circumstance.

Winthrop can work with you to develop IT Systems that meet your business needs while providing resilience, recovery and contingency for any challenge. Organisations are facing new demands from end users and customers.  They demand access to data and applications 24/7 and have no patience for downtime or data loss. Winthrop works with a range of vendors to provide hardware, software and cloud based solutions to enable “Always-On Enterprise”.

High Availability


Are you prepared for the risks and costs of downtime?


There are no fail proof IT systems – unexpected things do happen. Modern businesses must be prepared for this eventuality if they are to ensure that critical systems are available. Winthrop can help you to implement a solution to ensure that your business systems are available when you need them most.



Do you have a business continuity plan?


Winthrop can help your organisation to develop a plan that suits your demands around business continuity. Talk to us about your availability needs.

Backup and Recovery

Secure your business

  • Always-On Business Critical Systems
  • Data Loss Avoidance
  • Complete Backup Visibility
  • Verified Recoverability
  • High Speed Recovery
  • RTO And RPO To Match Your Business Demands
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Next Generation Network Protection
  • Network, Server And End Point Protection
  • Instant Threat Visibility
  • Scalability

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Are you confident that your business data is backed up and easily recoverable?


Winthrop is able to provide backup and recovery solutions that suit your business demands. We can assist you to avoid data loss, monitor and verify data protection, and action high speed recovery when required.



Do you have an offsite back up? Have you considered using cloud based backup?


Give us a call today, and let the experts handle it.

Backup and Recovery

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