Education Solutions - Winthrop Australia
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Education Solutions

Winthrop supports schools to integrate technology into the classroom. Our team of educators understands firsthand the many challenges faced by schools.

Winthrop has supported many schools to develop successful teaching and learning programs that harness the power of technology.

Winthrop can help your school to…

●    Drive sustainable change in the classroom through Professional Development
●    Simplify the procurement, management and service of student devices
●    Design and support industry standard infrastructure
●    Utilise cost effective managed services
●    Harness benefits of the cloud
●    Develop a sustainable 1:1 program

Our Education Solutions


Professional Development

Our unique professional development model is built on solid educational research and incorporates the TPACK and SAMR models. 


Learning Technology

Winthrop understands that student devices alone won’t lead to the educational change that schools are seeking.


Professional Services

Winthrop has a wide range of professional services to support IT in education settings.


Project Services

Effective and reliable networks and systems are critical to learning and teaching in today’s school.


Cloud Services

Cloud services are transforming the way schools manage and utilise IT infrastructure and services.


Managed Services

Winthrop has a team of highly skilled engineers who can provide managed services to your school.