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Winthrop and Barracuda keeping business safe

Winthrop and Barracuda keeping business safe

Ransomware is real and growing

In recent years we have seen more computer systems being seized and attackers are demanding payment in return for unlocking the assets. There have been cases in which hackers took control of the backup application, to disable all users in the organization and stop them logging into their accounts and erased all data! Paying the ransom will not solve the problem. Recent research shows that 80% of companies that paid a ransom were attacked again.

Many organisations don’t realise that while traditional ransomware exploits known vulnerabilities to hack into organizations, hackers are also using PHISHING as a vector for more sophisticated ransomware attacks. To overcome these new tactics, organizations should strengthen malware and phishing email detection and user security awareness training.

We are here to help

Winthrop are experts in the implementation of ransomware protection utilising world leading protection tools from Barracuda. We take the time to understand your business and IT environment before recommending and installing the most appropriate solution for you.

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