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Apple Solution Expert – Education

Winthrop in Education

Winthrop has worked with schools around Australia for over 20 years. Winthrop encompasses a dedicated team of Educators, Engineers, Sales Staff and Industry Experts who will work alongside your school community to help you plan, create, implement and achieve a bespoke IT Journey that aligns with your schools vision, staff, students and community whilst providing sustained and ongoing support wherever needed.

Introducing Apple in Your School

Why choose Apple for your School? Apple has always seen the importance of technology in education and constantly strived to provide innovative initiatives to schools from their “Wheels for the Mind” program, which launched almost 40 years ago to their modern “Apple Teacher Program” to provide training and learning to educators on how to effectively utilise technology within their classroom and “Everyone Can Create” and “Everyone Can Code” Curriculums to bring creative engaging learning to our students.


Winthrop can help your school to effectively implement a PD Program to train your teachers across the Apple Ecosystem, from device use in the classroom to effectively using Apple Curriculum for exciting, fun and engaging lessons and student learning.

Apple Professional Learning

Winthrop understands how valuable teachers’ time is in such a modern and busy classroom. Winthrop can help to provide your teachers with a range of tools that can assist them in regaining much of this time and drive technology with passion and ease into their curriculum and everyday lessons to make a real impact on student learning and achievement.


With classroom management tools in Classroom, Assignment setting in Classwork, fresh engaging and new curriculum ideas in Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create, the ability to easily and quickly share work home to parents with Seesaw and Accessibility features to enable learning for all, the possibilities with Apple digital tools in the classroom are endless.

Empowering Senior Leadership

Technology use in schools is at an all-time high, being adopted and integrated as an integral teaching and learning tool to achieve curriculum outcomes like never before.  Winthrop knows that with directed use, trained staff, linked digital curriculum examples and the high level of creativity of students when using Apple products in their classrooms, that the positive impact on academic performance is unsurpassed. Winthrop can assist you to deliver on the vision of technology for all students within your school.


Winthrop can help support and guide your teaching staff with Good Practice of Apple devices in classrooms, how to embed Digital Technologies into curriculum learning and create meaningful learning opportunities for all students across all subjects with iPad. Teachers will become Digital Transformation Experts in content delivery, curriculum engagement, student progress, student outcomes and inspire creative learning with iPad in their classrooms. iPad brings subjects to life in ways never before possible, whilst increasing student engagement with Augmented Reality, LiDAR, Coding, STEM and creative applications of learning with Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code curriculums.

Parents and Security

Winthrop understands that a parent’s role in their child’s education is of paramount importance and that children’s time inside the classroom is spent effectively, without distractions, interruptions, or inappropriate content. iPad provides unsurpassed security, productivity, usability, and time management tools to ensure your child is safe when using technology at school and at home. Winthrop can assist you to utilise the powerful security and time management features inbuilt into the iPad, through Family Sharing, ScreenTime, Downtime, App Restrictions, and Content Restrictions.

Professional Services

With over 20 years of experience, Winthrop has the know-how and systems to support schools with the procurement, deployment, management and servicing of Apple devices.  With access to a wide range of vendors, Winthrop’s Apple Education Team is able to provide independent advice to guide your school in choosing the most appropriate mix of technologies.


Winthrop is here to assist you on your Apple journey and can support you through the full device lifecycle from asset tagging to end-of-life services. Our services include:


  • Break Fix Services
  • Professional Services
    • Managed Services
    • Project Services
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Wireless LAN
  • Cloud Services
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