About Us - Winthrop Australia
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About Us

Winthrop Australia supports partners to create exceptional IT solutions that encourage innovation, and helps organisations to enhance their business processes.

Who We Are

Winthrop Australia is a privately owned subsidiary of the CDM Group of companies, formed in 1996. We are a national organisation and currently employ over 115 staff across the country, with offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Winthrop Australia holds current ISO9002 Quality Assurance Accreditation, which ensures that we are able to stand by any service delivery expectations.

What We Do

Winthrop Australia has operated as an ICT provider for over twenty years. We work in partnership with our customers, taking time to understand their education or business needs, and align them with the appropriate technologies. We do this by offering a personal, consultative approach to identifying your specific needs, and by recommending solutions that best fulfil your unique requirements. Winthrop Australia strives for excellence in the quality of products and the level of service it provides.

Education Leader for 20 Years

Winthrop Australia continues to be a leader in the field of technology and education. At the heart of our company, the Education Team drives change and assists schools in improving educational outcomes. Winthrop Australia has worked with many Australian schools to help set their ICT plans in motion, and we strive to maintain our reputation as a leader in educational technology integration.

Exceed Expectations.

Winthrop Australia, a privately owned subsidiary of the CDM Group of companies formed in 1996, is based within the grounds of the University of Western Australia. Winthrop Australia is a national company and currently employs over 115 staff across the country, with offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


We continue to enjoy outstanding success in the WA Information Technology market with an emphasis on the educational sector. In fact, we are Apple’s largest education reseller in WA. Additionally, Winthrop Australia is a fully authorized service centre for Apple. Our Service Centre has the technical services and support to design, implement and maintain IT solutions.