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Empowering Senior Leadership

Empowering Senior Leadership

Technology use in schools is at an all-time high, being adopted and integrated as an integral teaching and learning tool to achieve curriculum outcomes like never before. Winthrop knows that with directed use, trained staff, linked digital curriculum examples and the high level of creativity of students when using Apple products in their classrooms, that the positive impact on academic performance is unsurpassed. Winthrop can assist you to deliver on the vision of technology for all students within your school.

Winthrop can help support and guide your teaching staff with Good Practice of Apple devices in classrooms, how to embed Digital Technologies into curriculum learning and create meaningful learning opportunities for all students across all subjects with iPad. Teachers will become Digital Transformation Experts in content delivery, curriculum engagement, student progress, student outcomes and inspire creative learning with iPad in their classrooms. iPad brings subjects to life in ways never before possible, whilst increasing student engagement with Augmented Reality, LiDAR, Coding, STEM and creative applications of learning with Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code curriculums.


Winthrop can assist your Leadership Team to navigate all the complex areas of initiating a 1-to-1 iPad or MacBook Program into your school and transform your school community with cutting edge technology in education. With support provided for Apple School Manager and Shared iPad, Apple TV and AirPlay connectivity, device management with creating device Policies and Procedures, staff and teacher training and a focus on digital curriculum for students. Winthrop can create a tailored bespoke plan that fits for your school’s needs and vision.