Apple Deployment and Management Solutions


Whether your school or has 10 devices or 10,000, Winthrop streamlines device management with industry-leading expertise and partnerships.

Apple fits easily into your existing infrastructure, Zero-touch deployment allows IT to configure and manage devices remotely, and tailor the setup process to any team.

Let Winthrop guide your school or organisation though best practice deployment and management.

Deployment optimisation

Modernise Your Apple Processes

Our Deployment Optimisation Program ensures your Apple environment complies with organisational policies while leveraging Apple’s best practices for automation and zero-touch deployments. Offering consultancy, compatibility assessments, and hands-on mentoring, it’s ideal for optimising workflows, performing proactive health checks, and preparing for OS releases.

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Deployment Optimisation – Elevate Your Apple Environment

Our Deployment Optimisation Program ensures compliance with your organisation’s device policies while adhering to Apple’s best practices for maintaining an up-to-date and optimised fleet. Whether your needs are consultancy for your existing environment, assistance with automation, or zero-touch deployments, our program is tailored to meet the requirements of your business or school.

Apple Education

Program Benefits


Optimised Mac Deployment Workflow

Streamline your Mac deployment process for maximum efficiency.


Compatibility Assessment

Ensure your Apple environment and key productivity applications are compatible with the latest Apple operating systems.

On-site and-Remote-Consultancy

On-site and Remote Consultancy

Receive expert guidance both on-site and remotely to enhance your deployment processes.


Knowledge Transfer and Mentoring

Gain valuable insights and mentorship on Apple best practices.

Consulting Services Include

  • Assessing your current Mac and iOS builds.
  • Designing deployment automation and optimisation strategies.
  • Mentoring teams on Apple best practices for deployment and support.
  • Coordinating designated projects for seamless implementation.

Key Activities

  • Apple Deployment Workflow Optimisation: Improve your workflow for better device and data management.
  • Proactive Compatibility Assessments: Ensure compatibility with the latest Apple operating systems.
  • Hands-On Mentoring: Benefit from direct, practical guidance.
  • Consulting Assistance Planning: Effectively plan and budget for consulting services.

With our Deployment Optimisation Program, enhance productivity, ensure compliance, and leverage the latest technologies to streamline your Apple environment.

Platform Readiness

Prepare your organisation and team for Apple devices.

Our Platform Readiness Assessment ensures your Apple product deployment is seamless, secure, and well-managed, providing a detailed evaluation of your IT infrastructure, best practices, and actionable recommendations. Whether starting fresh or addressing existing challenges, our experts offer on-site and remote support to optimise your environment and boost productivity.

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Platform Readiness Assessment

Ensure Seamless Integration and Management of Apple Products

Whether you’ve just started integrating Apple products or have already deployed them, our senior-level engineers will ensure that you’re ready to support the growing number of Apple devices on your network. We work closely with your technology teams to create a comprehensive assessment of your environment and establish best practices for managing your products effectively.

Why Choose Our Assessment?

Setting up the frameworks to support Apple deployments correctly requires specialised skills and knowledge to ensure a stable, scalable, and secure environment across your entire Apple fleet. Whether you are beginning your deployment or facing challenges, our team of experts is here to help you overcome obstacles and create best practice workflows.

Key Benefits

  • Our Apple experts conduct an in-depth assessment, combining on-site and remote evaluations over several days to:
  • Provide insights on Apple and industry best practices
  • Assess your IT infrastructure
  • Mentor your team
  • Offer immediate feedback
  • Deliver a detailed Readiness Assessment report with actionable recommendations
  • Plan implementation milestones and next steps

Focus Areas

Our assessment and report target essential areas for successful Apple product deployment, including:

  • Apple device deployment and management
  • Security
  • Core application analysis and compatibility
  • Directory services and Single Sign-On
  • Email
  • Networking, Wi-Fi, and VPN
  • Collaboration
  • Back-end infrastructure
  • Employee productivity
  • User experience
  • Application deployment and management
  • Self-servicing models

With our Platform Readiness Assessment, ensure your Apple deployment is seamless, secure, and optimally managed for enhanced productivity and user experience.

Mac Pilot program

Leverage Winthrop’s Proof of concept program to accelerate Mac adoption.

With our Mac Pilot Program. We assist in implementing a small scaled modern rollout of Mac devices in your education setting, showcasing easy deployment, advanced enterprise management features, and addressing potential challenges with device choice programs.

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Mac Pilot Program

Accelerate Mac Adoption with Our Mac Proof fo concept

Our Mac Pilot Program enables a small-scale, modern rollout of Mac devices in your education setting, demonstrating easy deployment, advanced enterprise and education management features, and addressing potential challenges with device choice programs.

Tailored to support your organisation’s shift to Mac devices in education, our program offers:


IT Team Readiness

Prepare your team for effective Mac device deployment.


Environment Readiness Checks

Ensure your infrastructure is ready for Mac devices and corporate Apple services.


Zero-Touch Deployment

Showcase the efficiency of hands-free deployment.


Professional Learning

Staff are offered online training through our “ Getting started with Mac Online training”.

Key Activities

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Preparation and Planning: Guided by a dedicated project manager.
  • Success Criteria: Establishing clear goals for the pilot.
  • Apple Enterprise Programs: Facilitating enrolment and integration.
  • Network Validation: Ensuring robust connectivity.
  • Mac Build Processes: Architecting efficient build processes.
  • Deployment Procedures: Streamlining rollout protocols.
  • Identity Services Integration: Seamless integration of identity management systems.
  • IT Team Support: Developing a solid deployment strategy and offering ongoing support.

Experience a smooth, efficient transition to Mac with our Mac School and Enterprise Pilot Program, designed to optimise your deployment process and enhance productivity in an educational setting.

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