Apple Authorised Reseller

Winthrop Australia is Perth’s oldest independent Apple reseller. We have been selling Macs from our shop on the grounds of the University of WA since 1996.



Apple Education Reseller


Winthrop Australia is a leading education reseller of Apple products.


We are an Apple Authorised Education Reseller and can offer Education Discounts to:


  • Faculty or staff members of public and private higher education institutions in Australia
  • Employees of public or private K12 institutions in Australia
  • Employees of a public or private, profit or non-profit preschool
  • Parents and students via our online School Partner Portals



School Partner Portals


Each year we offer Education Discounts to schools we have partnered with via our online sales portals. Our consultants visit each of our partner schools to determine which devices will best suit each schools learning needs, and create a School Sales Portal specifically for each school.


The sales portal will contain the Devices and Accessories recommended for your child for you to purchase online with free delivery to your home. In addition we offer on-site servicing for warranty or accident damage, where you child will just need to leave the device with the schools IT department.


Winthrop Australia together with FlexiGroup are able to offer a 6 month interest free or leasing payment option for devices purchased on our sales portals.


If you need the link to your schools sales portal either contact your school or Winthrop Australia via phone or email.



The Winthrop Shop


The Winthrop Shop has a selection of Apple products and accessories for sale.  The Winthrop Shop is located at the University of Western Australia in the Guild Village, and is open Monday to Friday from 8:45 am to 5:00pm.


Please note: School Partner Portal orders cannot be picked up in the shop, except by special arrangement.



Apple Authorised Service Provider


Our service centres are Apple Authorised Service Providers with Apple certified technicians.


We carry out warranty and non warranty repairs, upgrades, repair quotes and other services. No appointments are necessary, just drop by with your Apple device during our regular shop business hours.


For our Partner schools we also offer on-site servicing of Apple devices, where by your child leaves the device with the schools IT department, and our technicians either service the device on site, or return it to our service center. Once the device is fixed it is returned to the school for your child to collect.


Our WA service centre is located at the Winthrop Shop in the Guild Village at the University of WA.

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