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Contact Point

The ultimate Customer Contact solution for your business!

Empower your Service, Support and Sales teams with the right AI powered technology needed to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Contact Point, is a class leading cloud platform trusted by businesses for over 20 years. Our Australian based, dedicated specialists provide exceptional local support, ensuring your success every step of the way.

Contact Point offers a blend of ease, efficiency and automation, making it the ideal choice for businesses looking to maximise the value of every customer contact.

Experience seamless communication management across a single platform from any location and device using a browser and internet connection. Optimise your team’s efficiency and effortlessly cater to the way your customers prefer to communicate, driving business growth like never before.

Accelerate growth with Contact Point AI

Discover the potential of Contact Point AI for your business. Elevate your operational efficiency with automation and AI-driven insights, enabling your customer service team to manage interactions with precision and speed.


AI Powered


Contact Point AI contact summary tools automate the notetaking process with great accuracy. Incomplete, scattered notes become a clear, concise agent summary. The results include smooth and complete interactions with customers and focused, efficient agents.


AI Powered


Find and focus on what you care about. Topic Tag categorisation enhances your queries to automatically flag voice and digital recordings which require attention for you to take appropriate actions.


AI Powered


Contact Point AI presents you with the richest insights with the help of configurable reports and dashboards. Now you can easily design, interpret, and socialise customer data to turn AI powered insights into action.

Intuitive solutions, Intelligent Insights

Contact Point combines all of your business’s communications into one single solution providing deep business insights and best in class reporting powered by Microsoft PowerBI

One Contact Point for business

Built for business, Contact Point can help your business grow by providing a seamless, personalised customer experience across all channels, driving repeat purchases and happy customers. Simplify and streamline your business operations today, using Contact Point as your primary means of communications from any location. Access is secured through Single Sign-On (SSO) and Muli-factor Authentication (MFA).

Contact Point for


Remove barriers and supercharge your sales team by accessing Contact Point for Sales on any smartphone or PC. Empower your team to spend more time with customers and selling, with our integrated Customer Relationship Management database, where important customer information is available with a single click.

Contact Point for


Empower your team to deliver exceptional customer service by providing every customer with a personalised experience, with full access to notes and history to ensure the customer query is resolved first time, every time.

Contact Point for


Whether it’s voice, SMS, email, web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instant Messaging, Contact Point provides a single, streamlined and easy to use solution for managing all communication channels.

Contact Point for


Enable your mobile workforce with the Contact Point native smartphone app which provides a seamless customer contact experience from the office, home and on the road. Or utilise the native Microsoft Teams integration, and keep your team connected and productive, no matter where they are.

Collaborate more with Microsoft Teams integration

Deliver better CX through one omnichannel platform

Experience the future of business communication with Contact Point.

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