Learning from COVID

Top Five IT Lessons – Number 4 : Mismatched Technology


The business response to COVID required IT to do new things quickly; with some companies choosing the first available rather than the best available. The long-term implications of these short-term decisions have already had an impact on some organisations with increased running costs and lower performance causing serious headaches for some IT teams.


This is why mismatched technology is in our top five list – coming in at number four. The key lesson being that technology needs to be considered holistically. This requires planning your ongoing investment in IT; understanding the real value of modern technology options and identifying the right combination of data, platform and technology. Find out more about how to manage your technology by clicking on the button below.


Approaching IT holistically is about viewing your and managing your environment as a single, complex entity. The interdependence of your system components matters as it is only as secure, resilient and effective as the weakest point.


Unfortunately, the impact of COVID was rapid and far-reaching, giving little time for considered thought and careful planning. We need to learn from the painful lessons and be better prepared in the future.


To stimulate thinking about your own IT investment and planning, we’ve selected some key areas that may have been overlooked by decision-makers.



Performing an IT risk assessment will provide a review and documentation of your physical infrastructure. This includes the access, policies, devices and operating systems in place. It will also give you a recommendation for remediation to assist you with future decision making and the replacement of aging assets.


What are the weak links in your environments that you are unaware of but should be?




Data loss and system outages need to be considered, ideally with documented response plans so management and employees know what is expected of them.


As a minimum, the 3-2-1-0 rule should apply for backups: 3 copies of data, 2 different media types, 1 copy at least offsite and 0 errors. Testing backup integrity and the recovery process is a critical part of the backup process that is often overlooked.


Are you confident that everything your remote workforce is doing is being backed up?




The pandemic accelerated the adoption of cloud-based solutions as did the available options, scalability, ease of provisioning and business continuity offered. In the cloud “as-a-Service” model; infrastructure, software and the overall platform very much a pay-as-you-go model. This removes the capital expense of in-house hardware and software and allows you to operate on an enterprise-grade solution for a reasonable budget.


Are you maintaining and replacing servers to perform simple functions that could be performed in the Cloud?




Putting off updating hardware and software is a common mistake. Security updates and patches need to be implemented, maintenance and licensing agreements renewed, it’s also too easy to overlook a critical requirement. Downtime often carries a significant cost that is rarely considered.


What does it cost you when staff can’t access key applications or customers can’t place orders?




Having technology in place with employees trained to use it may have been the difference between seamlessly shifting to remote work and significant delays. Simple-to-use; set-and-forget technologies, as well as technical handover and quality documentation, are key components of any solution.


Do staff need training to make sure they understand the importance of not taking shortcuts?




For some organisations, the upfront costs of technology impedes the process of innovation and modernisation. We offer alternative financing methods to spread the cost of hardware, software and services over two to five years (subject to commercial approval).


Are you sweating your assets longer than you’d like because of cashflow?



Addressing Mismatched Technology with Managed Services


As a Managed Services customer, Winthrop can aid in your decision-making process, keep you current on available options and help maintain the health of your IT environment.  We augment your existing capabilities to handle the areas where you lack the proficiency or time to handle yourself.


Ask us for ways to address any of your current concerns and priorities, including:


    • Archiving, Backup and Replication Solutions
    • Cloud Migrations
    • Disasters Recovery/Business Continuity Solutions
    • IT Risk Assessment
    • Office 365 Migration (including SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams)


Our Managed Services are designed with your business’s unique infrastructure in mind. By working closely with you, our team of experts can deliver improved network quality, optimum performance and transparency, with a focus on security. Think of us as an extension of your own IT team!


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