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Winthrop understands how valuable teachers’ time is in such a modern and busy classroom. Winthrop can help to provide your teachers with a range of tools that can assist them in regaining much of this time and drive technology with passion and ease into their curriculum and everyday lessons to make a real impact on student learning and achievement. With classroom management tools in Classroom, Assignment setting in Classwork, fresh engaging and new curriculum ideas in Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create, the ability to easily and quickly share work home to parents with Seesaw and Accessibility features to enable learning for all, the possibilities with Apple digital tools in the classroom are endless.

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The power of the tools and software on the iPad allows teachers to flip their classrooms and encourage children to become active creators of their own content with iPad use in lessons, instead of passive consumers of technology. The unique, individual creativeness that students display with the amazing work they create with iPad, will not only further spur teachers on to incorporate and embed iPad technology into lessons and curriculum, but empower teachers to easily deliver a unique and personalised learning experience to their students across all subjects.


iPad as a teaching tool in the classroom encourages students to take ownership of their learning, capture ideas, express themselves in ways they never before thought possible, spark collaboration, make and show connections with tools of their choosing and drive their learning in any direction to find their own path to success.

Winthrop’s experienced educators can assist teachers to master the art of inbuilt tools in Apple Software and harness its power to teach concepts to students in new and imaginative ways, by enabling teachers to create their very own multi-modal digital resources. Winthrop prides itself on staying at the forefront of digital innovation in educational tools and curriculum to a bring truly unique experience to your school.


Our Education Team can show you how to bring to life the Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code Curriculums in all of your subject lessons and assignments.

Winthrop Australia
Winthrop Australia

Everyone can Create

Imagination is the key to unlock the creative genius within all our students. Apple’s Everyone Can Create Curriculum not only inspires educators and students alike, but it empowers their natural curiosity to explore, express and enrich their education in new and exciting ways with iPad through Drawing, Photo, Video and Music.


Winthrop’s Education Team can show teachers and students how to utilise Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie, GarageBand, Clips, Sketches School and Apple Pencil, to showcase innovative ways of learning and discover creative applications for increased student achievement and performance.

The Everyone Can Create Curriculum is tightly aligned to the Australian National Curriculum and ICT General Capabilities to ensure learning continuity in classes. Free teacher and student guides and books are available from Apple Books with real-world and tangible examples of how to implement this into your classroom and deepen understanding in any subject.


Winthrop’s Apple Professional Learning Specialist can help guide your staff through these courses and bring even more original and subject-specific tailored content in the application of Drawing, Photo, Video and Music with iPad to improve student learning outcomes.

Winthrop Australia
Winthrop Australia

Everyone can Code

Winthrop’s Education Team understands just how crucial 21st Century Skills are for our students learning, development and future employment opportunities. Inquiry, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Persistence are key skills our students require and can be learnt or acquired through Coding and Sequencing. Apple’s Everyone Can Code Curriculum provides coding opportunities for all ages and levels to learn in an easy, fun and interactive way on the iPad with Apple’s own Swift Programming Language.


Winthrop’s Apple Professional Learning Specialist can help guide your staff to work their way through these coding courses, with lesson ideas to make coding easy and fun within the classroom. Your students will become expert coders, innovative thinkers and problem-solvers in no time.

From Everyone Can Code Puzzles for our primary learners to Learn to Code 1 and 2 with Swift Playgrounds that incorporates fun animated characters to engage learners, right through to creating their very own Apps with Xcode in Learn to Code 3 and 4. Easy to use Teacher Guides are on hand to provide guided activities and ground students in the foundation and fundamentals of Coding, Sequencing and Logic through offline activities, journals and collaborative work.


A perfect way for all to jump headfirst into the world of Coding even if you have never thought to venture there before.


With Swift Programming students can develop real-world coding skills, learn to write their own code, share and collaborate their ideas with peers and challenge each other with increasing complex coding activities.


Winthrop can help you to take your coding even further by incorporating iPad compatible peripheral coding devices such as Sphero’s, Drones, BeeBots and more with Swift. Students can program these devices through mazes, puzzles and aerial tricks.

Winthrop Australia
Winthrop Australia


The Classroom App empowers teachers to keep students focused, on task and manage student time with digital devices to the appropriate areas fast. Classroom’s powerful capabilities allows a teacher to guide students to the correct Apps, push out worksheets and resources, direct students to websites and lock students into an App or Website to ensure maximum productivity within a lesson and that no other distractions are possible.


Winthrop’s Apple Professional Learning Specialist can take you through step by step how to set up your classes and use all the different features within Classroom to keep students on task.

Classroom gives “eyes” to the teacher to see what every student is doing on their device, what Apps they are using, if they are off task and need refocusing, share student screens to display work to peers, group students by task or level and temporarily lock students out from using iPad when attention needs to be focused back to teacher instruction, quickly and effortlessly with the touch of a button.


Ending a session on Classroom provides detailed, insightful class data with reports of individual student device and app usage across a lesson. Teachers can easily track student use via coloured graphs with details of the time students have spent using different apps, see exactly when apps were used during a lesson or if students were off task. This data gives teachers a meaningful window into how students work and learn during a lesson, enabling teachers to see if any students are see struggling and need extra help or provide quick information to parents of student progress.

Winthrop Australia


Winthrop can help you to easily transform the way you manage, send and collect projects, assignments and homework with the Classwork App, saving you valuable preparation time.


Classwork allows teachers to assign work to classes, collaborate one-on-one with students, track students progress, create handouts for students with documents, weblinks or PDF’s, send reminders or notifications for projects and homework or set students a specific activity within an App. Classwork provides detailed overviews of how all students are performing with their work or within an App, enabling teachers powerful insights into their students learning and the ability to tailor learning to individual students needs and requirements.

Classwork utilises the power of ClassKit by incorporating other Educational Applications into learning such as Kahoot, GeoGebra, Nearpod, Molecules, Explain Everything, IXL, and more to really enhance teaching and learning opportunities. Use Classwork to direct your students to these applications and easily track their progress and learning right in the Classwork App.


Classwork encourages and enables students to become more efficient and highly organised with set homework and assignment deadlines that are easy to see and help students to know when it’s time to hand their work in. Winthrop’s dedicated educators can show you how to enable Classwork across all your working spaces, lessons, and classes, share important documents and incorporate Applications for effective time management and increased productivity.

Winthrop Australia
Winthrop Australia


Apple believes it is everyone’s right to access technology and provide all our learners with the same opportunities in the classroom. Apple’s technology is built for everyone, with tools designed around 4 Pillars of Accessibility: Cognitive, Motor, Vision and Hearing. These powerful Accessibility features and functionalities are inbuilt into every Apple Device to provide access for all kinds of learners.


The specially designed Accessibility Tools on iPad allows everyone to reach their potential, realise their dreams and create things never before seen. Winthrop’s Education Specialist can show you how to use and enable these tools on your iPad to become invaluable ways in which to assist all learners.

Speech features, such as Speak Selection and Speak Screen allow content to be read and spoken aloud in different voices and speaking rates. See how to utilise the power of Voice Control to use your device without even touching it or navigate with VoiceOver. Turn on Vision Controls for different colour settings and contrasts, zoom and magnifier options to assist with different vision needs. Enable Guided Access to eliminate all distractions when using an iPad, working on only one element at a time.


Connect Hearing Devices, Audio Visual Devices and specially designed keyboards and switches for users to easily interact with an iPad. Integration of a Trackpad with a finger-shaped pointer on the iPad brings new control to a user and allows them to set the contrast, colour and size of the pointer to easily see when apps and tools are selected with ease and precision.

Winthrop Australia
Winthrop Australia

Apple School Manager

Winthrop’s Technical Staff can help you utilise Apple School Manager to easily deploy, configure and manage devices and users within your school quickly and easily. Apple School Manager allows you to set-up Managed Apple ID’s which are school-created and school-owned accounts. Simplify this process and use Apple School Manager to link existing credentials in Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Using Apple School Manager you can create enough Apple ID’s for 1500 students super quick. Students can be easily added and deleted within Apple School Manager as they come and leave your school.


A larger than ever iCloud Storage Space of 200GB is available for students through Managed Apple ID’s in Apple School Manager. This means that students and can continue to dream big and make media-rich content like never before.

Shared iPad

We know that schools often share iPad amongst classes or throughout their schools and it can be a tricky and time-consuming process to ensure all students are using the correct iPad and no work previously created by your students is accidentally lost or deleted by another user. Shared iPad takes away that confusion, frustration and saves valuable time in the classroom, by allowing students to pick up any iPad and log-on with their own credentials to access their work anywhere and anytime.


After use, the iPad becomes ready again for the next student in less than 1 minute.


Winthrop’s Technical Staff can assist your school in setting up Shared iPad to streamline the way iPad in your school is used and managed, ensuring valuable time in the classroom is not lost and learning with the iPad is seamless, fast and hassle-free from student to student and class to class.

Winthrop Australia
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