Winthrop’s Professional Learning staff are certified Apple Professional Learning Specialists and experienced teachers, they bring with them a wealth of knowledge in implementing technology in the classroom.

We offer:

  • All Staff workshops
  • Strategic planning
  • Virtual Professional learning workshops
  • Subject specific support
  • Shoulder to shoulder coaching
  • Leadership coaching
Transform learing - Primary

A selection of Winthrop’s current Professional Learning offerings.


Planning Essentials

Hands-on workshop that guides leaders through building a plan that supports their vision for teaching and learning with technology.


Teaching with Mac

Engage teachers in experiencing powerful productivity and creativity workflows with Mac and macOS Ventura to acquire and expand teacher MacBook opportunities.


Executive Leadership coaching

Deliver targeted and personalised coaching to principals and leadership teams to help them advance their technology initiative and achieve their vision.


Inspire Innovation

Build exemplary lighthouse schools through delivering a ten day program of jobembedded coaching and professional learning support within targeted accounts.



See how Classroom’s powerful tools put teachers back in the drivers seat when using technology in lessons providing easy classroom management to direct student workflow and focus and keep students on track to achieve their best. Navigate to websites, open and lock apps, lock or mute student devices and view student devices in real time.


Everyone can code

Learn how to easily embed Coding into the Curriculum with handy guides, lesson ideas, offline activities



Knowing how to create accessibly enabled resources can be tricky. See how to start building


iPad Productivity

Get the most out of your day when using iPad. Increase efficiency and productivity through multi-touch gestures, shortcuts, control centre, files, accessibility features, multi-zoned workspaces.

Michelle Forrest

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