Privacy and Security

Your Privacy and Security is paramount when using technology. Apple firmly believes that everyone has the right to privacy and never collects or stores student data. You can rest assured your student’s privacy and information is secure when using Apple Products and no data is ever tracked, used, or passed on.


New security technology embedded into Apple Devices such as Face ID Unlock with Attention Awareness requires a user to be looking at their device with eyes open to unlock their iPad or iPhone, meaning access from an outside party to a device is virtually impossible.


Use Find My on iPhone and iPad to track and recover devices, share your location with family and friends and they can share their location back with you. Mark a device as lost to lock that device if it is temporarily lost, misplaced, or stolen. You even have the ability to erase your device remotely.



Winthrop understands that a parent’s role in their child’s education is of paramount importance and that children’s time inside the classroom is spent effectively, without distractions, interruptions, or inappropriate content. iPad provides unsurpassed security, productivity, usability, and time management tools to ensure your child is safe when using technology at school and at home. Winthrop can assist you to utilise the powerful security and time management features inbuilt into the iPad, through Family Sharing, ScreenTime, Downtime, App Restrictions, and Content Restrictions.


We understand a parent’s main worry is the amount of time their child may spend in front of a screen. ScreenTime provides a weekly report of the amount of time your child has spent using a device with powerful insightful tools, through weekly, daily and hourly graphs to easily display information to you. This data can assist you and your child in making informed decisions about their screen time use and get the right balance. The team at Winthrop can help you set up a Family Sharing account to take advantage of ScreenTime and other helpful security settings.


The weekly data and graphs provide information into how your child uses their device from which Apps are used the most, how many times a day a device is picked up with logged times from the first pick up to which Apps are sending notifications to their devices which can then be turned off or blocked altogether. ScreenTime use is further broken down into categories such as Productivity, Education, Creativity, Reading and Reference, Social Networking and Entertainment, so you can really see where your time and effort is going and change habits if needed.

Family Sharing

The team at Winthrop can help you to easily set-up a Family Sharing Account so that you, as the parent can create a special child Apple ID, set the parameters around the Apps used, amount of time spent on a device and the content your child is able to access when using their device, so you can rest easy knowing your child is safe when using an iPad.


With Family Share, you can choose to share Books, Podcasts, Music, Apps, Arcade, News and have one shared iCloud Storage Space for your Family across all of their individual devices. Allow or deny requests from your child for App purchases with ‘Request to Buy’ or extended daily limits on Apps with a simple reply of an SMS. Family Sharing lets you set-up, manage, and control what your family sees, hears, reads, and uses across all the devices your family owns even when you are not at home. Family Sharing allows easy sharing with your family whilst still maintaining personal privacy over each individual’s photos, videos, messages, and files.


Downtime enables you to schedule time away from the screen for your child, which is great for family mealtime or bedtime and won’t allow them to use their device or Apps during this time. Set Downtime the same every day to enable an easy routine to follow, or customise Downtime for different school day and weekend routines. Downtime helps children understand when it is time for device use and when they need a break, even from homework!

App Limits

It’s so easy to lose track of time when using a device and spend too long on the wrong thing. Setting daily and weekly limits prevents procrastination and directs focus and attention back to where it is needed most. Setting App Limits puts the control back in your hands and allows you to decide how long you would like your child to be using different Apps. Our specialists at Winthrop can help you set parameters around timing for particular App categories or even set specific limits for each individual App.


We can show you how you can block an App from use for the day when its daily limit is reached. Your child can always request an extension of time on an App, which you have the choice to allow or deny.

Content Restrictions

We know you can’t always be there to monitor what your child is viewing on the iPad when you are running a busy household and this can be disconcerting for any parent. By enabling Content Restrictions on the iPad you can rest easy and be assured that your child will not have access to any inappropriate content, strong language, or age-restricted materials, across any Apps or Websites whilst they are using their device.


Winthrop staff can assist you to set Content Restrictions to ensure peace of mind and security for your child.

Apple’s Privacy Principles

Apple has four key privacy principles that has guided the design of their products and services:

  • Data Minimization
  • On-Device Processing
  • User Transparency and Control
  • Security

Through these four principles, Apple’s goal has always been to let users share data as they wish, in a way that is safe, and that they understand and control.

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