At Winthrop, our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability drives us to partner with trusted lifecycle management companies. Our primary goal? Achieving zero landfill waste and fostering innovative, environmentally responsible practices.

We recognise the paramount importance of responsible IT hardware disposal in today’s world.

When your company/ school decides to replace its current IT fleet, we proudly offer an extensive buyback program for redundant hardware. Rest assured, our processes adhere to the industry-leading NIST 800-88 Standards, ensuring complete data sanitisation and removal.

After this crucial step, our partners embark on refurbishing the hardware, preparing it for resale.

But our dedication to sustainability doesn’t end there. For older devices that may not be suitable for resale, our partners have established a partnership with the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Together, we employ a meticulous process to separate metals and plastics, ultimately feeding them back into the supply chain for remanufacturing. This approach ensures that no resources go to waste, as we actively contribute to a circular economy.

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